GG Organics, a prominent player in the leather chemical industry, celebrated its 15th anniversary on January 30, 2023, in grand style at a captivating event in Pondicherry. This milestone brought together key stakeholders, including valued channel partners, industry experts, and company officials, to commemorate the company's remarkable growth and envision a promising future.

During the event, CEO Mr. D. Raja eloquently shared the company's future vision, emphasizing innovation, expansion, and nurturing stronger partnerships with channel partners to enhance customer satisfaction. He expressed sincere gratitude to all channel partners for their steadfast support and fruitful collaboration. Notably, he unveiled the company's plan to establish a new factory in Ranipet, addressing the escalating demand for leather chemicals. This event showcased GG Organics' unwavering commitment to remaining a family business while embracing strategic growth opportunities.

Reflecting on the successful 15-year journey, GG Organics remains resolute in its pursuit of further growth. With the support of its loyal customer base, the company aims to continue delivering exceptional sustainable products, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world.

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