Gg organics future-ready chemicals with acceptable limits of bisphenol

Bisphenol has become the topic of the current discussion, with ECHA and the Member States recommending that more than 30 bisphenols should be restricted due to their potential hormonal or reprotoxic effects.

OEKO-TEX and the AFFIRM group have set bisphenol limits (A, F, S and AF) for this year.

Bisphenol F, S, and AF make significant contributions either as raw materials or derivatives in the manufacture of retanning agents for leather processing.

Over the decades, GG Organics has served the leather industry by providing technology, development and technical services. We strive hard to put the customer and the environment foremost. Bisphenol A is not used in any of our retanning syntans.

GG Organics is proactively working to develop alternative chemical formulations with lower bisphenol content in their retanning syntans.

We, GG Organics, upgraded our cutting-edge laboratory with advanced LC-MS testing equipment for identifying Bisphenol concentration in leather and retanning agents. This would ensure an effective delivery mechanism in the leather industry's frontier areas. We are working on the application of our new range of retanning agents on the leather without impacting the product's properties or quality

We, GG Organics, expect to launch our new retanning sytans with acceptable bisphenol limits proposed by ECHA very soon.