GG Organics launches biopolymer range products in APLF Fair (Mar 30 –Apr 01, 2022)

GG Organics is a global manufacturer of pioneering, sustainable beam house, wet-end and finishing range of chemicals for leather processing. GG Organics takes immense pride to be part of the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) held in Dubai from Mar 30 – Apr 01, 2022. The theme of GG Organics stall was eco-friendly biopolymer range products to reaffirm its commitment to the critical issue that the leather industry is facing about sustainability.

The leather industry has a high usage of fossil fuel-based retanning agents which are more hazardous to the environment. The industry is therefore under pressure to innovate with more sustainable products and production. GG Organics R&D team is constantly working on the environmental issues faced by the tanners and upgrading the products & processes to meet the global requirements.

GG Organics, the leading supplier of leather chemicals, has developed a new range of biopolymer retanning agents which provide solutions for sustainability and aid the tanners to make high quality leathers with a low environmental footprint.

The biopolymers are based on the concept of circular economy

reducing waste and pollution
recycling industrial wastes
utilization of natural resources

The launch of biopolymer is a part of GG Organics roadmap to produce pioneering, sustainable products which support GG organics drive towards the circular economy.

GG Organics biopolymer range of products are:

1. Orgtan BP-NF - Protein derivative-based filler with Acacia
2. Orgtan BP-AP - Polycarboxylate polypeptide copolymer
3. Orgtan BP-MP - Protein derivative or aromatic and amino resin
4. Orgtan BP-MV - Acacia- Amino resin derivative
5. Orgtan BP-VE - Derivative of acacia with natural tannins

Leather articles such as:

1. Shoe upper
2. Nappa
3. Lining
4. Leather goods
5. Leather garments
6. Automotive & Furniture upholstery

can be developed with excellent grain tightness, uniform filling effect, softness, and roundness.

GG Organics scope for biopolymers:

GG Organics has developed several types of leather articles using the new range of biopolymer products to accommodate multiple customer needs. Further work must be conducted to validate, that these biopolymer-based products are safe and acceptable replacements for fossil fuel-based products.

1. to compare the properties of biopolymer leather with fossil fuel-based leather
2. to analyze the pollution load of tannery effluents
3. life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for assessing environmental impacts

GG Organics biopolymer products will be launched very soon into the market with proven results on environmental issues and contribute to the leather industry across the globe with sustainable products.