The beam house is a critical stage of the leather manufacturing process, and selecting the right chemicals can significantly influence the leather's quality and production efficiency. GG Organics offers a range of sustainable and biodegradable soaking, wetting, and degreasing agents, along with low-impact liming agents and auxiliaries that not only address environmental concerns but also ensure better penetration of tanning materials and dyes, yielding a softer, more pliable leather. Our chemicals enable you to manufacture high-quality leather at reduced operational costs, with enhanced sustainability in production.

ORGOL SKI : Soaking Agent with Bactericidal Action
ORGOL DC : APEO. NPEO and solvent free scouring and degreasing agent
ORGOL DCI : APEO. NPEO and solvent free Economical degreasing agent
ORGOL DF :APEO, NPEO free wetting and fatliquor stabilizing agent
ORGOL UC :APEO, NPEO free universal, non-ionic degreasing agent
ORGOL UF :APEO, NPEO free highly active degreasing agent
ORGWET 40 :APEO, NPEO free wetting agent
ORGLIME DEO :Nitrogen and Boric acid free de−liming agent
ORGLIME GSA :Compact soaking agent with multiple actions
ORGLIME AWL :Sulfide free anti−wrinkle agent
ORGZYM S20 :Soaking enzyme
ORGZYM LEP :Liming enzyme
ORGZYM CHD :Dehairing enzyme
ORGZYM DE :Enzymatic De−hairing agent
ORGZYM AA : Alkaline bating agent
ORGZYM A-20 :High concentrated alkaline bating enzyme
ORGZYM A-1 :Enzymatic alkaline bating enzyme
ORGZYM BE : Bleaching enzyme
ORGZYM DGP :Degreasing enzyme
ORGCIDE B-6 :PCP free bactericide for soaking
ORGCIDE GP :TCMTB & PCP free, biocide for the preservation of wet blue leather
ORGCIDE OZ :TCMTB and PCP free highly effective fungicide
ORGFIX CRF :Basifying Agent for Chrome Tanning
ORGFIX DFA :Formaldehyde free cationic fixing agent
ORGECO pH :Special Organic pH reducing auxiliary