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Our beam house process ensures good quality final leather. It is like the foundation for the building. GG ORGANICS have many enviro friendly products for beam house. We have an unique user friendly wet white system.


We have a large range of high performance sulphone based syntans and fat-liquors for various segments of shoes, leather goods, furniture and garment industry. Our Sulphone syntans imparts high light fastness.


Our Finishing range products include micro fine light fast pigments, resins, waxes, lacquer emulsions and many auxiliaries. Our pigments are known for high light fastness and brilliance.


New generation chemistry with high concentration syntans and fatliquors to manufacture top quality leather for shoes and upholstery for premium brands.


With the aim to develop the organization as a one-step center, GG Organics is now dealing with wide range of acid and metal complex dyestuffs under brand name “SAYA” to serve our esteemed customers in leather industries around the world.

Who We Are

One of the greatest concerns today is the rise in pollution, the depletion of ozone layer and global warming. Every industry, every company, every individual should be, and is, concerned about the destruction of the environment. There is an increasing awareness about the use of environment-friendly, biodegradable products so that the stress on the environment is reduced.

GG Organics, abbreviation for Green Global Organics, believe that individual contributions collectively will help in achieving better results and that each of us has a responsibility towards ensuring the use of eco-friendly ingredients in their products.

Having established ourselves as a renowned producer for the range of products for the tanning industry since 2008, we believe that it is now time to do a bit for our surrounding atmosphere. GG Organics is a name to reckon with in five continents – Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Asian countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, for its Chrome-free, Phenol-free, Free Formaldehyde free products.

Validating the claim of Green Environment GG Organics has attained various quality parameters and Quality Accreditations:

  • Use of ingredients that are not the part of latest released SVHC list of REACH.
  • Attained ISO 9001:2008 certifications with regular audit.
  • Fully instrumented quality control process.
  • Installed an integrated Sulfone plant.


By 2025, our vision is to dominate leather industry as the most preferred organization of choice for our product, performance, service, distribution network and innovation.


We deliver indigenous solutions to our esteemed customers, with technology, innovation & research at its core to ensure a sustained growth & profitability. We continue our patronage to manufacture eco-friendly products to meet global standards and service to our customers to be a forerunner to meet the challenges of futuristic demands.

The Path

GG Organics claim for Green Globe and its growth track is being supported by strong R&D, vigilant quality control team for raw materials as well as the finished goods coupled with a technical team for sales and marketing. Each segment of team do their best of endeavor to sail GG Organics to the new heights.

The company has established several technical service centers all over India to cater the needs of its customers and provide technical support.

The technical center is at the forefront of creating innovative leather chemicals that not only enhance the finish of the leather goods but are safe for different weathers. They assure near-zero pollution, making leather as safe as it can get.

Our unique Organic Tanning System replaces toxic chemicals commonly used in conventional process system with biodegradable enzymes.

One Plant, One Experiment Eco-Friendly Products

- GG Organics -


One Plant, One Experiment Eco-Friendly Products

- GG Organics -

Our Products

Soaking Auxiliaries

ORGCIDE B-5: Bactericide
ORGZYM SE: Enzymatic soaking agent
ORGOL SK: Soaking agent with bactericide action
Unhairing and Liming Auxiliaries

ORGLIME AW: Special liming auxiliary to reduce wrinkle and increase area yield
ORGLIME DL: Sulphide free liming auxiliary
ORGZYM CHD: Enzymatic unharing agent for cow skins
ORGOL SD: Scouring and dspersing agent
ORGZYM SHD: Enzymatic unharing agent for sheep skins
Deliming and Bating agents

ORGLIME DEO: Boric and nitrogen free deliming agent
ORDLIME NDE: Nitrogen free deliming agent
ORGZYM A-20: High concentrate alkali bate
ORGZYM AA: Enzymatic alkali bate
ORGZYM AB: Enzymatic acid bating agent
ORGZYM AB Conc: High concentrate acid bate
ORGZYM DGL: Degreasing agent based on enzymes
Wetting and Degreasing

ORGWET 60: NPE and APEO free wetting agent
ORGOL FAC: Solvent free, NPE and APEO free degreasing agent
ORGOL EC: NPE and APEO free special degreasing agent
Auxiliaries for Chrome Tanning

ORGFIX CR : Basifying agent for chrome tanning
ORGCIDE DZ : TCMTB and OIT based fungicide
ORGCIDE OZE : TCMTB free water based broad spectrum fungicide
ORGCIDE SP : PCP free bio-degradable biocide
ORGCIDE TC-30 : TCMTB based fungicide
Speciality Tanning Agents

ORGTAN DPP : Organic–Metal free wet white tanning agent
ORGTAN K One : Synthetic and natural wet white tanning agent
ORGTAN GA 50 : Modified Polyaldehyde
ORGTAN MA : Aliphatic aldehyde
ORGTAN PG : Wet white tanning agent
ORGTAN RR : Special Polymer for rubbery effect for nappa leathers
ORGTAN SC-50 : Formaldehyde free synthetic tanning agent
ORGTAN XO : Poly functional aldehyde for white leather
Synthetic Tanning and Retanning

ORGTAN AB : Phenolic white syntan
ORGTAN AS : Amphoteric synthetic tanning agent
ORGTAN ASF : Chrome Alum syntan
ORGTAN ATF : Aluminium tanning agent
ORGTAN BS : Bleaching syntan for vegetable leather
ORGTAN DOS : Replacement syntan
ORGTAN CS : Chrome syntan for pretanning and retanning
ORGTAN F : Protein based Filling agent
ORGTAN FAP : Natural protein with selective filler
ORGTAN GAL : Tanning agent Based on Aluminium
ORGTAN GO : Compact retanning agent
ORGTAN LF : High tanning content white syntan based on sulfone
ORGTAN OS : Synthetic replacement based on sulphonic acids
ORGTAN P : Synthetic pretanning syntan for vegetable tanning
ORGTAN SPS : Phenolic replacement syntan
ORGTAN WP : Light fast white syntan
ORGTAN GBS PDR : Phenol based light fast white syntan
Resin Tanning

ORGTAN G 7 : Resin in powder form to level fullness and through tanning effect
ORGTAN MRS : Retanning resin for tight grain
ORGTAN MS-7 : Light fast resin for fullness, to avoid Looseness, tight and short nap
ORGTAN SMS : Resin in powder form for fullness and softness
ORGTAN BM : Universal resin syntan
Liquid Tanning

ORGTAN ART : Re-tanning syntan in liquid form for all types of leathers
ORGTAN GW : Liquid white syntan based on phenol condensed product
ORGTAN LFL : Replacement syntan in liquid form based on sulfone
ORGTAN MNL : Resin tanning agent based on melamine
ORGTAN PL : Pre-tanning syntan in liquid form
ORGTAN RL : Retanning syntan based on aromatic oxy sulfones
ORGTAN SGS : Syntan for White and Shrunken grain
Polymeric Tanning

ORGTAN CP : pH stable soft acrylic resin
ORGTAN G-40 : High light fast acrylic polymer suitable for all types of leather
ORGTAN GCN : Acrylic Copolymer Syntan
ORGTAN PC : Poly carboxylate
ORGTAN SMR : Maleic co-polymer for retanning soft and mellow leather
ORGTAN 670 : Acrylic polymer for all types of leather
Vegetable Tanning

ORGTAN IVC : Tanning and retanning agent based on Acacia species
ORGTAN ME : Vegetable extract based on Myrobalan
Neutralizing and Dyeing Auxiliaries

ORGTAN ACL : Dye fixing and intensifying agent
ORGYL IF : Very good water softening and iron binding agent. Gives clearer surface on vegetable tanned leathers and prevents and cures stains
ORGYL KC : Formaldehyde free cationic fixing agent
ORGTAN LS : High light fast leveling and dispersing agent suitable for pastel shade
ORGTAN ND : Neutralizing syntan with acid- balance, basification and complexing effect
ORGTAN GAK Liq : Liquid neutralizing syntan with buffering and complexing effect
ORGTAN NP Liq : Aromatic Neutralizing Syntan with buffering masking agents
G BLACK 78 : Black syntan based on Vegetable extracts
ORGTAN PFN : Auxiliary for low salt pickling

ORGOIL CF : Compact, chrome stable, fat liquor for making any type of leather
ORGOIL CFS : Cationic fatliquor
ORGOIL CG : Anionic fatliquor adapted for the production of White Leathers
ORGOIL ARK : Semi-synthetic fatliquor
ORGOIL GSU : Universal Sulphated & Sulphonated oils
ORGOIL CLS : Non-ionic product to get brilliancy and to improve surface feel
ORGOIL ESL : Fully synthetic, electrolyte stable Fat liquor Stable to Pickling & Tanning
ORGOIL FOS : Sulphited fish oil with electro stable
ORGOIL GA : Anionic fat liquor based on Lecithin for allkind of soft leather
ORGOIL PLS : Synthetic fatliquor Based on Sulphonated Saturated Hydrocarbon
ORGOIL GG-2 : Sulphited vegetable oil
ORGOIL GG : Anionic Fat Liquor adapted for the production of soft Leathers
ORGOIL GOS : Anionic synthetic Fat liquor for all types of Soft leather
ORGOIL POS : Phosphated fatliquor with the mixture of sulphonated fatty alcohol
ORGOIL TS 9 : Selection of amides to improve the tear strength of leathers
ORGOIL VI : Raw oil with the blend of natural and synthetic oils
ORGOIL GXE : Synthetic fat liquor based on Paraffin Wax
ORGOIL AA 20 : Multipurpose fatliquor especially for nappa and soft leathers
ORGOIL GWR : Synthetic fat liquor suitable for all types of chrome or vegetable tanned leather
Acrylic Resin Binders

G BIND 31 : Medium Soft acrylic binder
G BIND 32 : Soft acrylic resin binder
G BIND 35 : Medium Soft Covering Binder
G BIND 41 : Medium Soft Covering Binder
G BIND 63 : Medium Soft Micro fine Binder
G BIND 100 : Soft acrylic resin binder
G BIND 108 : Soft acrylic micro binder
G BIND 115 : Soft acrylic binder
G BIND 119 : Medium soft acrylic binder
G BIND 150 : Soft Elastomeric binder
G BIND 709 : Very soft acrylic binder
G BIND GC 1 : Impregnation Binder
G SOLVE 391 : Penetrator

G BIND CP 504 : Soft Anionic matt compact Binder
G BIND CP 5588 : Medium soft Anionic compact Binder
G BIND CP 6688 : Anionic matt compact Binder
G BIND CP 7744 : One Touch Compact Binder
Protein Binders

G PRO 313 : Medium soft protein binder for base coat & top coat
G PRO 351 : Medium soft protein binder for base coat
Poly Urethane Binders

G PU 239 : Medium soft protein binder for base coat & top coat
Cationic System

G PU K 343 : Medium soft protein binder for base coat & top coat
G PU K 345 : Very soft aliphatic cationic polyurethane
G BIND K 306 : Soft cationic compact binder
G FILL K 331 : Cationic filler
G BIND K 333 : Cationic compact binder
G PRO K 317 : Medium soft cationic protein binder
G WAX K 445 : Cationic synthetic wax emulsion
Waxes and Fillers

G FIL 410 : Inorganic filler
G WAX 606 : Regular Base coat Natural wax
G WAX 5580 : Wax emulsion for base coat

G OIL S 367 : Synthetic solvent soluble pull up oil
G OIL 369 : Natural and synthetic water soluble pull up oil
G OIL S 390 : Mixture of synthetic oil and natural substances
G OIL S G OIL S 460 : Synthetic solvent soluble high darkening pull up oil
G WAX 3060 : Carnauba wax emulsion
G WAX 3061 : Burnish Wax
G WAX 5000 : White wax with PU Blend
Top Coats

G TOP S 04 : Solvent soluble High gloss Lacquer
G TOP GL U 055 : Water / Solvent Soluble Nitrocellulose Lacquer
G TOP GL S 06 : High gloss nitrocellulose solvent lacquer
G TOP GL 07 : Nitrocellulose Aqueous Lacquer Emulsion
G TOP DL 09 : Nitrocellulose Matt Lacquer Emulsion
G TOP DL S 10 : Solvent Soluble Nitrocellulose Matt Lacquer
G TOP 918 : Aliphatic poly urethane for top coat
G TOP MT 240 : Matt PU Top Coat
Feel Modifiers

G TOUCH 509 : Cationic silicone emulsion
G TOUCH GWS : Modified silicon emulsion
G TOUCHLAN S : Solvent soluble silicon emulsion
Fixing Agent

G FIX : Fixing agent
Cationic / Anionic Pigments (G BLACK CF, G WHITE CF, G WHITE SPL & G BLACK CB 100)
ORGTAN GR 1 : Sulfone based white syntan with high tanning power
ORGTAN GR 2 : Neutralizing syntan with excellent buffering effect
ORGTAN GR 3 : Phenolic replacement tanning agent for leather
ORGTAN GR 4 : Phenol based white syntan with high tanning content
ORGTAN GR 5 : Replacement syntan based on sulfone
ORGTAN GR 6 : Naphthalene based dye leveling and dispersing syntan
ORGTAN GR 7 : Special resin-tanning agent
ORGTAN GR 8 : Amphoteric Syntan based on Sulfone and Melamine
ORGTAN GR 9 : Sulfone and Aluminum with high tannin power
ORGTAN GR 10 : Aldehyde tanning Agent “Free from Free - Formaldehyde”
ORGTAN GR 11 : Special liquid syntan for all types of milled leather
ORGTAN GR 12 : Aluminum tanning agent for all types of leather
ORGTAN GR 13 : Styrene Maleic copolymer
ORGTAN GR 14 : Electrolyte stable synthetic fat liquor
ORGTAN GR 15 : Synthetic replacement syntan based on Aromatic oxy Sulphone

One Plant, One Experiment Eco-Friendly Products

- GG Organics -

One Plant, One Experiment Eco-Friendly Products

- GG Organics -

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Corporate Office

GG Organics Pvt. Ltd.,
Part B, Phase II, Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ),
Thambaram, Chennai-600045. INDIA

Tel : +91-44-2262 0026


GG Organics Pvt. Ltd.,
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Villianur Commune, Puducherry - 605 502. INDIA

Tel : +91-413-2677728 / 2671860